Context and motivation
The “Asgardia Standards Act” states that Asgardian Standards should be defined, clearly recognizable and easily accessible, maintained by an Asgardian institute. It also states that the requirements regarding compliancy to Asgardian Standards should be described and that it should be possible by a second, independent organization, to formally check and confirm the compliance to Asgardian Standards. That first institute is the AIS, the Asgardia Institute of Standards, the second one is ACQia, the Institute of Asgardia for the Assurance of Compliance and Quality.

At this moment, that Act has not yet been formally accepted by the Parliament, so AIS and ACQia cannot yet be established, but at the same time the Ministry of Trade and Commerce is busy to make it possible for a few hundred companies and other organizations to start up within the realm of Asgardia.

To assist those startups in the context of the usage of standards, it is deemed important that some supporting structure is already to be established. Not only the definition of standards, but especially the check and confirmation of compliancy to standards would be useful for those startups.

This website describes the temporary structure, the Pre-ACQia, a precursor to ACQia, to be active until the “Asgardia Standards Act” is formally activated and AIS and ACQia are fully established and functional.

The goals of this Pre-ACQia are:

Using and running Pre-ACQia should be easy, efficient and cost-effective in resources and money. The Pre-ACQia should be professional and agile.

The Pre-ACQia itself will be modified through time, since one of the goals of this precursor is to learn and improve.

Click here for a presentation with a summary on the Pre-ACQia.

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