Financial aspects

The staff of the Pre-AIS, the Pre-ACQia, the Pre-ACQia Treasurer, the Establishment Committees and the Confirmation Committees are all volunteers. The expectation (and goal) is that Pre-AIS and Pre-ACQia activities take relatively little time, its a learning experience, were preparing for the AIS and ACQia and all involved staff will be either from Cabinet or Parliament and thus already get paid.

An Audit (by the Pre-ACQia) does have to be paid by its requestor, but it will be a very minimal amount (10 Solar). The goal of this is to implement and test the payment structure, including the "taxes" and the distribution of the income.

The received fee for the Audit will be spread among:

The exact distribution depends on the amount of time and effort the corresponding party has spent and is determined (and explicitly motivated) by the Pre-ACQia Treasurer.

Click here for a presentation on the financial flow of Pre-AIS and Pre-ACQia.

The "taxes" are handled according to the Asgardia Tax Law.

Effectively, the current account balance of the Pre-ACQia will be zero most of the time.

Once AIS and Pre-ACQia are established, the fee will rise, up to a point that the AIS and the ACQia become financially self-supporting, including reasonable compensations for all involved staff.